Mertensiella Band 4: Biology of Salamandra and Mertensiella

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Mertensiella Band 4: Biology of Salamandra and Mertensiella

Mertensiella Band 4Autoren: Hartmut Greven, Burkhard Thiesmeier

1994 erschien der Band zu der namensgebenden Art dieser Buchreihe. Das Buch umfasst 456 Seiten und 200 Abbildungen.

ISBN-10: 3-9801929-3-8 / 3980192938
ISBN-13: 978-3-9801929-3-4 / 9783980192934



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Inhaltsverzeichnis (Tagungsbeiträge des Symposiums)

  • Clemen, G. & H. Greven: The Buccal Cavity of larval and metamorphosed Salamandra salamandra: Structural and developmental aspects
  • Degani, G.: Ecophysiology of Salamandra salamandra at the Southern limit of its distribution
  • Dopazo, H. & P. Albrech: preliminary results on optional viviparity and intrauterine siblicide in Salamandra slamandra populations from northern Spain
  • Greven, H. & G.-D. Guex: Structural and physiological aspects of viviparity in Salamandra salamandra
  • Guex, G.-D. & H. Greven: Structural and physiological aspects of viviparity in Salamandra salamandra
  • Habermehl, G.: The biological relevance of Salamandra venom
  • Herrmann, H.-J. & K. Kabisch: Some aspects about Salamandra salamandra (Linne, 1758) from the Literature of the 16th to 18th century
  • Himstedt, W.: Sensory systems and orientation in Salamandra salamandra
  • Joger, U. & S. Steinfratz: Electrohoretic investigations in the evolutionary history of the west Mediterranean salamandra
  • Kutzmin, S.L.: Feeding ecology of Salamandra and Mertensiella: a review of data and ontogenetic evolutionary trends
  • Nicklabs, B., M. Veith & A. Seitz: The western border of the hybrid zone of Salamandra salamandra salamandra and Salamandra salamandrea terrestris in CentralEurope – allozyme data
  • Polymeni, R.M.: On the biology of Mertensiella hischani (Steindachner 1891): A review
  • Tarkhnishvili, D.N.: Interdependene between populational, developmental and morphological features of the Caucasian salamander, Menrtesiella caucasica
  • Tarkhnishvili, D.N. & R.K. Gokhelashvili: Premimiary data of the age structure of a Merensiella caucasica population
  • Thiesmeier, B.: Aspects of larval ecology of fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandrea) in mittle Europe
  • Thiesmeier, B., W. Sauer & Th. Mutz: Birth and dates of offspring of Salamandra slamandra bernardezi from Oviedo
  • Veith, M.: Morphological, Molecular and Life History Variation in Salamandra salamandra (L.)
  • Warburg, M.R.: Populatoin ecology, breeding activity, longevity and reproductive strategies of Salamandra salamandrea during an 18 year long study of an isolated population on Mt. Carmel, Isarel
  • Warburg, M.R., D. Levinson & Rm. Rosenberg: Structure and function of Salamandra skin and gills

Warburg. M.R. & H. Greven: Epilogue